Hearts of Hope Australia is self-funded through donations from members of the public, contributions from our members and the support of business and other organisations that wish to support our aims. We also engage in a variety of fundraising activities to fund the client programs we have in place.

All of our fundraising activities are conducted in accordance legislative requirements of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and State Government charity regulators. Please visit the charity ‘regulators’ websites below to search for more information regarding our fundraising activities.

Fundraising Compliance


Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
Registration Number: 70 110 635 517

Australian Securities and Investment Commission
Registration Number: 110 635 527

Australian Taxation Office (Australian Business Register)
ABN: 70 110 635 527

State Jurisdictions

Office of Regulatory Services
Registration Number: L 1900276

Office of Fair Trading
Registration Number: CFN 28595

Department of Justice
Registration Number: Not Required

Office of Fair Trading
Registration Number: CH 1556

Consumer and Business Services
Registration Number: 1153

Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading
Registration Number: Not Required

Consumer Affairs Victoria
Registration Number: 11021

Department Of Commerce
Associations and Charity Branch
Registration Number: CC 20694

HoH does not raise revenue through advertising. Some services provided on this site use external providers that utilize banner and popup advertising. We are not affiliated with these companies and/or products presented in such promotions.

The maintenance the cost of hosting this website is funded by income received as a result of our fundraising activities.