Mission Statement

Hearts of Hope Australia's mission is to  relieve the suffering and distress of members of the community born with complex heart conditions, their families, and those families that have lost their children to Congenital Heart Disease. We do this by:

  • Providing non-medical support, information and other assistance directly to families;
  • Raising  awareness of complex Congenital Heart Disease to create a broader understanding of the challenges faced by members of the community affected by these conditions;
  • Supporting the medical community by raising funds for research programs and providing information about the day to day experiences of those living with complex CHD; and
  • Working co-cooperatively with other organisations that share our goals.

To achieve our aims, we engage in fundraising activities:

  • to assist families living away from home for extended periods while their children are hospitalised,
  • for the purchase of goods/services to increase the comfort of hospitalised children and their families,
  • for events where the children and their families can enjoy social activities,
  • to disseminate information about Congenital Heart Disease and our activities.
  • to support Paediatric Cardiac Research Programs in Australia that lead to higher survival rates and a better quality of life for children born with heart conditions, and
  • for the purchase medical equipment to improve the management of these conditions.

We offer non-medical support to all families with a child born with a heart condition that cannot be cured through medical intervention. This includes, but is not limited to, disorders such as HLHS and other single ventricle anomalies.

This website was setup primarily to support those who are affected by complex Congenital Heart Disease. The information provided is also aimed at raising public awareness of complex heart disease and to solicit support from those who wish to support the aims of our organisation.