HLHS Treatment

Hybrid Procedure

In the past many newborn babies were not suitable for the Norwood Procedure for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome because they were too small or too sick.

Medical teams have been working to develop a procedure that will support a newborn baby's heart until it is big enough to undergo more complex reconstructive operations. This procedure is called the Hybrid Procedure.

This procedure has less initial risk than the original Stage One Norwood Procedure but children undergoing the Hybrid Procedure are usually sicker or smaller so their personal risks may be high.

Children who have undergone the Hybrid Procedure will need a more complex operation at Stage Two that will incorporate the reconstructive surgery of the usual Stage One Norwood Procedure as well as the Stage Two Cavo-Pulmonary Connection.

More Information

Hypoplastic left Heart Syndrome: Treatment Option 4. Hybrid Approach
Synopsis: The Hybrid Stage I consists of; Recovery Hybrid Stage 1; Follow Up; Comprehensive Stage II; Recovery Stage II; Recovery Stage III.