CHD research has made a huge impact on the survival rates and quality of life of children born with complex Congenital Heart Disease. On this page, we are showcasing organisations that are undertaking valuable work in this field. Please feel free to suggest additions.

  • Murdoch Children's Research Institute
    Heart Research

    Synopsis: The Heart Research Group studies many aspects related to cardiovascular health in children. The diverse nature of these studies reflects the varied skills and knowledge of the research group members. The team has world-leading expertise in the assessment of cardiovascular function, acquired both through animal studies and cells. This includes the use of invasive and non-invasive techniques, including the development of new techniques, in order to improve our understanding of congenital and acquired heart disease. 
  • The Fontan Registry
    The Australian and New Zealand Fontan Registry
    Synopsis: How to participate; What are the benefits of participating to the Registry; Participant profile; Steering committee; Participating centres; Funding bodies 
  • American College of Surgeons
    Amniotic Stem Cells Show Promise in Helping to Repair Cardiac Birth Defects
    Synopsis: Stem Cell Shortfalls; Morphing into heart muscle cells; Next steps and ultimate goals

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