Having a child with a life threatening medical condition brings lots of changes and new pressures to your life. Fortunately there is help available. The purpose of this section of the website is to collate as much information as possible about programs, services and organisations that are available to help those that are affected by complex CHD.

The Assistance and Services Directory  is a register of assistance available to families affected by medical emergencies.  It includes contact details for organisations provide accommodation, medical services such as hospitals, travel and other assistance.

We have also included a collection of Parents' Tips from HoH members who have 'been there'. This information offers practical advice on the day to day challenges faced by many families that have a child with a serious heart condition. We would like to encourage all our members to build this pool of information by submitting details of they have managed the daily challenges faced by their own family.

Additionally, there are many online groups and charitable organisations that provide various services, information and support that may be able to assist families. HoH Australia also has volunteers that are available to help in any way they can. The SupportNET section is a collection of contact details for these services.

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