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Relocating to get treatment for your baby is a very stressful undertaking. Coming to terms with a complex Congenital Heart Disorder and being there for your child consumes most of your time and energy. Organising day to day things such as accommodation, shopping and transport can be overwhelming.

We hope these pointers from families that have been there will be helpful. There is also useful information about 'life after hospital' on this page. Again, these tips have been submitted by parents of children with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

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    Getting Around Melbourne

    Transport to and from the Airport The easiest way to get directly to the RCH from the Airport is by Taxi. However this is fairly expensive at $50-60 per trip. Also if you are traveling with a baby you would need to book with one of the companies that have child restraints. You can also...
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    Travel Insurance

    We found out today that we can get travel insurance for Lily’s heart (and the rest of her except her tummy button). The button isn’t really a drama as the new one she is getting comes with a “spare” that I can change myself if the first one becomes damaged. Worst case scenario I will...
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    Shopping in Melbourne

    Carlton – Franklins and Woolworth’s found in Lygon Street. (Woollies are a bit expensive but handy for a quick shop.) Brunswick – Top end of Royal Parade. Just look for the McDonalds and Red Rooster outlets on the street and go into the arcade. Trams go there. Moonee Ponds – Coles Supermarket. Trams go there...
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    Naso-Gastric Tubes & Feeding Issues

    Life with a heart child is challenging in itself. But sometimes we get an extra challenge in the form of feeding issues. Feeding issues are not uncommon in babies that have had such a traumatic start to life. In our case, James was a month old before he started breast-feeding. Initially he took to it...
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    Accommodation in Melbourne

    Family Accommodation Units are located directly across from the front entrance of the Women’s Hospital. I found that if you know that you are having the baby at the Women’s Hospital, it is better to contact Family Accommodation and meet the manager and have a look around so you know what the units are like....

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