Online Groups


Heartline supports children with heart disorders and their families, whatever the condition, wherever it is treated.


Heart and Coeur

Congenital Heart Disease Forum (French & English)


Congenital Heart Information Network

Facebook Group


Children with HLHS

Yahoo! Group


HLHS Information Page

This site was designed by parents of a child with HLHS to help other parents receiving the prenatal diagnosis of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS).


Kids with Heart

Kids With Heart National Association for Children's Heart Disorders was founded in 1985 as a local support group for families affected by congenital heart defects in Northern Wisconsin.


Little Hearts Matter

Little Hearts Matter was originally set up in 1994 at the request of parents of children who had a life threatening diagnosis of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Known initially as Left Heart Matters, a volunteer team attempted to offer support to families whose children were sent to the only centre treating this complex condition in the UK, Birmingham Children’s Hospital.


Little Hearts

Little Hearts, Inc. is a national organization providing support, education, resources, networking, and hope to families affected by congenital heart defects.

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