Support HoH

Hearts of Hope Australia relies on donations from members of the public, contributions from our members and the support of business and other organisations to help us achieve our aims.

For more than a decade, organisations and many individuals including our members have made significant financial contributions to HoH. This support has been through a variety of activities. If you would like to assist children and families affected by complex Congenital Heart Disease, please read below to find out how you can help.

Join HoH
Many of our undertakings need member participation and input to ensure a successful outcome. By becoming a member of Hearts of Hope Australia, we can keep you up to date about our activities and any new initiatives we are considering.

Members’ proposals regarding the assistance we provide, or on improvements to our services are always welcome. All suggestions from our members are discussed by and acted upon by our Executive Committee. Becoming a member means you get to have a say in how our organisation is managed and our ability to assist our clients is strengthened by your participation in the HoH community.

Hearts of Hope Australia is a health promotion charity and has been endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office. As such, donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Donations to HoH go towards implementing our client programs with 10% of all donations received being directed towards funding research programs dealing with Congenital Heart Disease.

We gratefully accept all donations which can be made online or by sending a cheque / money order to us.

There are countless ways to raise funds for Hearts of Hope Australia. Over the years our members have hosted fundraising events ranging from feral pig races to high teas. Casual clothes days and Cadbury chocolate sales in the workplace have also proven to be successful fundraisers. The types of events where funds are collected for a cause is only limited by the imagination.

Everyone involved with Hearts of Hope Australia, including our officeholders, are unpaid volunteers. We rely on the generous support of our members to help us manage the day to day affairs of the organisation and to achieve our long term goals.

Whether it’s assisting us with a one-off project, being available to families to provide support, or committing to longer term roles such as serving as an officeholder, all help is very much appreciated.

We endeavour to match our volunteers’ talents and time restraints to the tasks that need to be undertaken. You do not need previous experience guidance is given to our volunteers for the roles they take up. If you have a passion to help members of the community affected by complex Congenital Heart disease, you can help.