Fundraiser Guidelines

Confectionery Sales

There is some administration involved raising funds through the sales of confectioneries such as Cadbury chocolates. This includes the ordering and receipt of goods, tracking sales, banking and correctly accounting for the sales proceeds. Following the steps below will help keep administration to a minimum and also ensure that you meet your fundraising goals.


Like all fundraising activities, confectionery (Cadbury) sales fundraisers must be approved by the HoH Executive Committee. Approval can be sought by submitting a Fundraising Proposal to the Committee.

The proposal must include the following details:

  1. Contact details (name, address, phone and email) of the person making the proposal.
  2. A description of the proposed fundraising activity (e.g. Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser) including:
    • the State where it will be carried out,
    • details of the location (business, school , workplace etc.) where the goods will be sold,
    • the time frame for the fundraiser, and
    • the quantities of goods to be sold.
  3. The purpose, if any, to which profits of the fundraiser will be applied.
  4. Contact details (name, address, phone and email) for each:
    • person co-ordinating, or assisting with the sale and distribution of the goods,
    • business and /or organisation, and their respective managers, that provide a ‘point of sale’ for the goods, and for
    • any other organisation or individual ( media, sponsors etc.) that have a significant influence on how the fundraiser will be carried out.
  5. A listing of the resources for the fundraiser, if any, is needed. If funding is required, full costings, including quotes from suppliers must be provided.

Fundraising proposals may be submitted to the Executive Committee by completing the online Fundraising Proposal or by downloading a copy of the application and forwarding it to the HoH Executive Committee by:

·       Email:

·       Post:

Hearts of Hope Australia
39 Crystal Downs Drive
Blackmans Bay TAS 7052

The Committee will review the fundraising proposals as they are received. Generally, proposals received via online submission and email can be attended to more quickly than those received by post. The deliberations of the Committee regarding the approval of these fundraisers will include:

  1. The purpose to which profits of the fundraiser will be applied,
  2. Previous fundraising experience of the proposer,
  3. The likely profitability of the fundraiser, and
  4. Whether or not additional terms and conditions need to be applied to the fundraiser.

The Committee will notify the applicant of its decision in a timely manner. It may also ask for additional information about the fundraiser. Once the fundraiser is approved, the Committee will prepare all necessary documentation to facilitate the activity and forward it by email to the applicant. It will also appoint an Appeal Manager from the Executive Committee that will act as a point of contact for those engaging in the fundraising activity.

On approval of the fundraiser, all persons nominated in the proposal to assist with fundraiser are deemed to be ‘Fundraising Co-ordinators’. They are required to comply with HoH fundraising procedures including any terms and conditions applied specifically to the fundraiser they are involved in.

The Committee will execute an “Authority to Act as a Fundraising Agent” for each Fundraising Co-ordinator which will b forwarded to each co-ordinator via email. This instrument includes the:

  1. Appeal Name and an Approval Reference Number;
  2. Duration of the fundraiser;
  3. Location of the Fundraiser;
  4. Appeal Manager’s name and contact details;
  5. Co-ordinators’ name/s and contact details, and
  6. Any procedures or additional terms and conditions which must be adhered to.

The fundraiser must be carried out in accordance with the conditions set out in the Authority. Any variations to the Authority, including the time frame and sales locations, must be If the approved by the Executive Committee. The Fundraising Co-ordinators must contact the Appeal Manager to arrange approval of any variation to the Authority. All co-ordinators must:

  • sign the Authority to indicate they understand and accept the terms and conditions under which they are authorised to fundraise for HoH,
  • forward a copy to the Appeal Manager (either by email or post) before the fundraiser commences, and
  • retain the original for the duration of the fundraiser as proof of their Authority to act as a fundraising agent for Hearts of Hop Australia.

Note: The original will need to be forwarded to the Appeal Manager on completion of the fundraiser.

Hearts of Hope Australia will setup accounts with suppliers of goods to be resold. The Appeal manager will advise Co-ordinators of these details so that they can place orders with the supplier.

Orders are to be placed by the Fundraising Co-ordinator so that a suitable delivery time can be arranged with the supplier. The order quantity and product type must been as stipulated within the terms and conditions of the fundraiser approval.

Where an order needs to be split between two or more co-ordinators, it is up to those involved to work out the most efficient method of ordering, receiving and distributing the goods. They must also advise the Appeal Manager on how this will be handled.

On receipt of the order, the Co-ordinator receiving the consignment must check for any discrepancies. If the order is incomplete or incorrect in any way, the Co-ordinator must contact the supplier and the Appeal Manager to notify both parties of the problem. Unless agreed to by the Appeal Manager, no part of the consignment may be distributed for sale until the problem with the order is resolved.

The suppliers invoice must to be sent to the Appeal Manager for payment before the due date. A scanned copy sent via email is suitable for this purpose but the original must be forwarded to HoH on completion of the fundraiser.

The Co-ordinator is to label each box within the consignment with a consecutive number. As goods are distributed, details of the sales location are to be entered on the Distribution List as per the attached example.

Where orders are split between two or more Co-ordinators, the Co-ordinator receiving the consignment must complete a Distribution List indicating who the ‘split order’ was distributed to. For example John Smith (12 Boxes), Paula Jones (12 Boxes). Additionally, both John Smith and Paula Jones would also complete a Distribution List for the (12) boxes they have agreed to distribute.

All Co-ordinators must complete a “Confectionery Sale Tally Sheet” to help keep track of sales and to reconcile the funds collected on completion of the fundraiser.

Boxes should be checked within one month of being placed at the sales location to ensure that chocolates are selling. In some cases it may be appropriate to relocate the boxes to locations where they would attract more sales.

Where the fundraiser is ongoing for more than two months, funds from sales should be collected and banked on a monthly basis.

Whenever sales proceeds are collected:

  1. Monies must be counted in the presence of the Co-ordinator and a witness,
  2. The amount collected from each box is to be noted on the collections record and initialled by both parties,
  3. The collected funds must be banked within five business days of collection These may be deposited into the HoH General Account at any branch of the ANZ bank.
  4. Bank deposit slips are to be kept with the collections record to which the deposit relates and should be annotated if the transaction needs clarification.
    g. Proceeds of sales collected by John Smith - 1 Mar 2011.
  5. The Co-ordinator making the deposit must also notify the Treasurer immediately (by email) of the transaction details including the date, branch and the amount banked.

The Treasurer will issue an internal receipt for each deposit and email a duplicate to the co-ordinator to confirm funds have been received.

Fundraisers must be completed before the Agent’s authority expires. If this is not possible, Co-ordinators may seek an extension by contacting the Appeal Manager before the authority expires.

The following steps must be attended to within one week of completion of the fundraiser:

  1. Final proceeds from sales must be banked
  2. The Appeal Manager must be notified of any leftover stock so that they can advise the co-ordinator of action required in regard to the surplus,
  3. The Co-ordinator to make a copy of the Goods Distribution List, Collection Records and the Reconciliation Sheet for his / her records and forward the original documents to the Executive Committee.

The Appeal Manager will collate the information received from the Co-ordinators and a reconciliation of the fundraiser will be completed noting particulars of any shortfalls and/or additional funds in each box.