Fundraiser Guidelines

General Information

Thank you for considering fundraising for Hearts of Hope Australia. By raising funds you are helping us to provide much needed assistance to members of the Australian community affected by complex Congenital Heart Disease.

The purpose of the following information is to provide members of Hearts of Hope Australia who are interested in raising funds for the organisation some guidelines to ensure these activities are carried out in a lawful manner.

It is not within the scope of this information pack to detail the legal responsibilities of the organisation but everyone engaging in charitable collections needs to be aware that not only is HoH subject to the provisions of Australian Taxation and Corporations Law but we also have to comply with regulations set out by each State/Territory in regards to charitable collections. These requirements vary from State to State and may also be dependent on the type of fundraising activity proposed. For example, there are additional requirements for conducting “street appeals”, and raffles in some States.

The CEO is always available to answer questions regarding the Company’s legal obligations and to assist in the planning of fundraising campaigns and events. It is suggested that contact be made with HoH before you submit fundraising proposals. Doing so will ensure that you are aware of the obligations in relation to your particular fundraiser and are able to submit all the information required by Executive Committee.

Please review our Fundraising Guidelines below which have been put in place to ensure the protection of yourself and of Hearts of Hope Australia. We recommend that you download a copy of these guidelines to keep on-hand for the duration of your fundraiser.

There are many activities that people engage in to raise funds for organisations such as HoH. Some of these activities are not fundraising within the meaning of the term as defined by State/Territory legislation. For instance, seeking grants, membership subscriptions, members’ donations and collections in the workplace are not covered by charitable collection licenses in some jurisdictions of Australia.

Furthermore, there may be other legislation HoH needs to comply with to collect funds by these methods. For this reason, and also because some State legislation requires it, all fundraising activities, including those noted above, must be approved by the governing body (Executive Committee) of Hearts of Hope Australia.

It is crucial that all monies collected through fundraising activities are accounted for and recorded in the proper manner. How money is accounted for can be dependent on the type of fundraising activity being carried out. As an example, Donation tins left in shops need to be sealed until the fundraiser is completed, after which time it is to be opened and the donations counted in the presence of two ‘approved persons’. The Executive Committee will advise you if there are any special requirements in regards to your proposal.

One thing that is common to all collections is the need to bank the proceeds in a timely manner. This should be done within a week of the completion of the activity. All such funds must be deposited in the Hearts of Hope Australia Gift fund (ANZ Account No 4970 33632 / BSB No: 016-745). Furthermore:

·     Cash funds are to be banked into this account at your local branch of the ANZ bank. Under no circumstances should cash be posted or ‘converted’ to a personal cheque/money order (with the intention of posting the donation by post).

·     Cheque donations may be sent to the Treasurer, although it is preferable that these are also deposited at your local ANZ branch.

·     A deposit receipt detailing the transaction must be obtained and forwarded to the Treasurer.

Hearts of Hope Australia has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as Deductible Gift Recipient under Item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.(1.1.6 charitable institution whose principal activity is to promote the prevention or the control of diseases in human beings).

As such, donations over $2.00 are Tax Deductible. To enable members of the public to claim their donations we must issue receipts with the following information included:

  • The name of the organization and the ABN
    (Hearts of Hope Australia Limited - ABN 70 110 635 51),
  • the fact that the receipt is for a gift. E.g. Donation to the HoH Gift Fund,
  • the amount of money donated or a description of any gifts of property,
  • the date of the gift, and
  • it must be signed by the person authorised by the Executive Committee to collect the donation.

HoH receipt books are issued by the Treasurer as they are needed. As an alternative, the treasurer may issue an electronic receipt via email if the donor is happy with this arrangement. Details of the donation (Donor name, address, phone number and email address) need to be forwarded to the Treasurer to facilitate issuing a receipt electronically.

Most State bodies responsible for regulating Charitable Collections have issued various guidelines and ‘codes of conduct’ for fundraisers. Anyone engaging in fundraising for HoH should familiarise themselves with these guidelines before commencing any activities.

If you are ready to fundraise and have a clear idea of the types of activities you would like to organise, a formal submission should be forwarded to the Executive Committee. For the reasons outlined above it is important that your submission includes full details of what you are proposing to do. This will also allow the governing body to support your activities with whatever resources are available to make your fundraiser a success.

To simplify the process and help those fundraising on behalf of HoH provide the information needed, your proposal can be submitted via the online form.

Alternatively you can download the Fundraising Proposal form and post or email it to The HoH Executive Committee:

Hearts of Hope Australia
39 Crystal Downs Drive
Blackmans Bay TAS 7052


As stated above the Executive Committee will provide any information you need to support your fundraising efforts. However, some details will be needed for all activities and the following information may be download to help organise your proposal:



Board of Directors
Executive Committee

Information Pack for Fundraisers

Hearts of Hope Australia Limited was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee on the 23rd of August 2004. We are a charitable and non-profit organisation that was set up for the benefit of members of the public who suffer from and/or are interested in Complex Congenital Heart Disorders. The Australian Taxation Office has endorsed the organisation as a Health Promotion Charity and as a Deductible Gift Recipient.

Hearts of Hope Australia caters for the needs of those individuals and families that are affected by Complex Congenital Heart Disease such as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Children born with these conditions cannot be cured. Medical intervention and treatment options are considered to be palliative by the medical profession and in many cases families are required to relocate interstate for extended periods to receive the specialist care that their children need.

These heart disorders are life-long conditions and as such, those affected by them need long term support that can only be provided by an organisation with a comprehensive understanding of the difficulties faced by sufferers on complex congenital heart diseases.

Our mission is to address these distinctive needs in the following ways:

Relieve the suffering and distress of individuals affected by complex congenital heart disease by providing non-medical support, information and other assistance to:

  • the sufferers of complex Congenital Heart Disease,
  • their parents, carers and families, including
  • those families that have lost their children to these conditions.

Engage in charitable works to alleviate suffering and ameliorate the spiritual, physical and financial circumstances of those who suffer from complex Congenital Heart Disease, including the provision of:

  • assistance and support to families living away from home for extended periods whilst their children are hospitalised,
  • information to allow parents to advocate for and make the right decisions for their children,
  • goods and services to increase the comfort of hospitalised children,
  • organised events where the children and their families can enjoy social activities, and
  • medical equipment to improve the management of these disorders.

Raise community awareness of complex Congenital Heart Disorders.

  • Our goal is to create a broader understanding of the challenges faced by families and their children who are affected by these conditions by disseminating information about Congenital Heart Disease.

Support the Medical Community by:

  • providing feedback and information about our activities to hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals,
  • raising funds to support paediatric cardiac research programmes in Australia that lead to higher survival rates and a better quality of life for children born with heart conditions; and
  • for the purchase of medical equipment.

Work co-operatively with other organisations that share our goals.

Hearts of Hope Australia has developed the following programs to help us achieve our goals:

  • Community Education and Awareness (CEA)
  • In-Patient Assistance (IPA)
  • Medical Equipment Assistance Program (MEAP)
  • Medical Research Funding (MRF)
  • Support Group Services (SGS)
    • Bereavement Support
    • Family and Children’s Events / Functions
    • HoH Newsletter
    • Telephone Counselling Services
    • HoH Website Resources and Online Services
    • Children’s Gifts