Membership Groups

Hearts of Hope Australia has several types of Membership Groups:

  • Bereaved Family:

    For families that have lost a child to CHD

  • CHD Adult:

    For adults with CHD

  • CHD Child:

    For Older Children with Complex CHD
    (Parental Consent required for members under the age of 18.)

  • CHD Parent / Carer:

    For all parents and carers of children with a complex CHD

  • Family (Other):

    For all other CHD family members e.g. Grandparent, sibling, aunt etc.

  • Family Friend:

    For friends of families that have a child with a complex CHD.

  • General (Other):

    For All other parties.
    e.g. Support Group, Health Care or Social Worker etc.


Our services, including website ‘member only’ content, and access to social networking features are tailored to meet the needs of each of these groups. For example, activity streams and posting of messages to a specific group can only be seen by members of that group. Other service that are group specific include:

  • AGM Voting Rights
    The right to vote for our Board of Directors, Executive Committee and other Officeholders is determined by our Constitution. Currently this is limited to the parents and carers of children with complex Congenital Heart Disease and to financial members of HoH.
  • Mailing List Subscriptions
    We have several discussion mailing lists where members can provide support to each other via an email group. The topics discussed can be very personal, particularly in the case of bereaved parents, so it is important that only members of the Bereaved Families Group can subscribe to this email list. On the other hand, all members can subscribe to our electronic newsletter (HoH eNews) which is distributed via a mailing list.
  • Free PoP mail and Web space
    These services are reserved for members that wish to support HoH by taking out an annual subscription to our services.