Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation. There is always lots to do and without help we are limited in our ability to meet our aims.

If you have some spare time and a desire to help those in the community affected by complex heart conditions such as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, please consider volunteering. There are lots of ways you can help and we have listed some of these below. You may also have ideas on how we can meet our aims. We are always happy to hear your ideas so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ways You Can Help

Become an Officeholder

We are governed by a Board of Directors whose responsibility is to ensure the organisation complies with it legal and constitutional obligations. It also formulates policy to ensure that Hearts of Hope Australia is in the best possible position to achieve its aims. The Board meets four times a year to deal with these matters.Day to day operations are managed by the HoH Executive Committee. The role of the Committee is to implement our programs that support those affected by complex Congenital Heart Disease in the Australian community. It also plays a role in the development new strategies to assist our clients. The committee meets regularly via email to discuss and resolve operational issues as they arise.The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are elected annually at our AGM. Appointments to the Board and the Executive Committee can also be made by the CEO at any time.Additionally, there are several other positions that handle particular tasks. Examples of other officeholders include, but are not limited to, Membership Manager, Publicity Officer and Facebook Administrator.If you are interested in being on our team that is dedicated to helping others, you don’t need to wait until the AGM, there are opportunities now… contact us today!

Support other families

Supporting other families, particularly when they have just found out that their baby has a heart condition, is an important part of what we do. For this reason, we maintain a directory of HoH families that make themselves available to support others through the difficult times of their CHD journey. Email and phone details are included in the directory to allow those seeking support to make contact.

Contribute to our online resources

This website is a great resource for information and support. Our aim is to bring accurate and relevant information to our visitors from a variety of reputable sources. Our website has more than 100 pages and many more links. This makes maintaining it a huge task but everyone can assist with this. You can help by:

  • Submitting articles
  • Suggesting resources and or other features we should implement,
  • Report broken links, or by
  • Letting us know if something is not working.

Most of the pages on the HoH website have links to forms where you can do all of this and more. While submitting your own articles may take some time, making suggestions, reporting a broken link or something else that isn’t working take less than a few minutes. Help us Improve the services we deliver online. Make a comment about our new website!

Raise funds for Hearts of hope Australia

Fundraising is essential to HoH being able to deliver assistance through our client programs. There are many ways to fundraise, please have a look at our Fundraising page for more information.